1s, Sith, and Olo

The party left Coruscant in the middle of a grand scheme to fool Valek’s puppet into revealing himself, deciding instead to fly to Nar Shaddaa to exterminate the pest Olo the Hutt. They decided the best course of action was to destroy his palace from the ground up and headed to the nearest conveniently located arms dealer to buy some explosives. Suddenly a wild bounty hunter appeared! Dyrid retreated to the ship, while the others stood and fought. Kahless and Navira were alerted where the fight was occurring and arrived in the nick of time. Bant held him in a whirlwind while the rest of the party found his armor nearly impenetrable. When the bounty hunter was nearly beaten, he sent a distress signal to another of the trade, who swiftly came to aid him. The battle turned explosive once the first bounty hunter was dead. The second took cover on a residential balcony and HK blasted the floor right out from under him. The bounty hunter leapt into the air with the aid of his jet pack. With a carefully aimed shot, Navira hit the pack and it erupted, sending the bounty hunter to his death, impaled on a traffic pole. The bodies were mutilated and looted, and the party returned to the shop and bought the munitions they required.

They returned to the ship to recover and regroup. Jakys, along with Bant and Severien, set off to find a buyer for the Firebrand. They were able to sell it for a good price, and even agreed to allow the buyer to pay in installments. Meanwhile Tumot asked a local man where he could buy slaves, not realizing that Navira was standing within earshot. Tumot told her he planned on buying and freeing a slave to have as an apprentice. Navira demanded that all of the slaves in the compound were to be freed and insisted on accompanying Tumot there. Kahless also tagged along to make sure Navira didn’t get herself in any trouble, and to make sure Tumot kept his word.

They set off on foot and two hours later they arrived at the compound. The guards asked that they leave their weapons at the door, and one took a particular interest in the Dark Blade, but nothing came of it. Kahless convinced the proprietor that they were buying slaves for Olo and that any purchases were to be put on his tab. They took the whole lot, including the in-house band. They commed Severien to come and help bring the slaves back to the ship, but decided instead to take the offered armed escort, and then neglected to tell Severien there was a change in plans.

Once they arrived at the ship and the guards were gone, they informed the slaves that they were not going to become Olo’s new plaything and in fact were free. They were going to be brought to Coruscant and allowed to start their new lives.

Among the slaves were three force sensitives: A human youngling, a Devaronian youngling, and a female human teenager. Bant offered to teach the human boy the way of the Sith and he agreed. Tumot took on the Devaronian to learn to be a grey Jedi. Jakys, feeling both fatherly and in need of protection, adopted the female human as his daughter, who he would teach how to be a smuggler.

The party then went to sleep. The next day Kahless, Jakys, and Navira slipped into one of those comas the party keeps getting so Tumot walked over to Bants room and asked if they should ask some of the slaves if they would like a job(s) Bant then said “I have a plan” and told HK and his apprentice to follow him into the cargo hold and asked the wookiees if they would like a job they said yes. Bant them told them that to prove there loyalty they must kill the Aqualish slave. they agreed. They went outside and Bant told the Aqualish to follow him and he did Tumot also went out along with The 2 kids and HK. When the Aqualish saw the the wookiees had knifes and were attacking he asked what was going on? Tumot replied with “this is a test if you live you will join our ranks.” The dumb ass believed him. The fighed end with the Aqualish dead and Severien putting a Grenade in the Aqualish’s pocket. after that they asked if the other slaves had any skills they choose to hire 3 more the Bith as an engineer, The Black Human as a Doctor (her name is now Doctor Chakwas) and some other race as Severien right hand man (we put Severien in charge of Security so we call the right hand man K mart.) after that Tumot called his friend in Czerka so they could get Modifed Bowcasters for the wookiees after the call Bant and HK Dragged the Gamorrean out side and used him for target practice killing him with one shot. The party then went to the Czerka building they went inside and Tumot saw a sith soldier he was the only one who knew the armor. He told the dorid at the desk he had an appointment with czerka the dorid rang him in. Tumot then though it would be fun to start some trouble with this sith and stared saying shit like (I never said this it just to give you an Idea) Phil It me Joe rember we worked on the ship for the time and the sith was like WTF and Severien came over abd stared trowing a Grenade up and down casing the Sith to draw his weapon tumot told everone (but bant who would just watch what was about to come) stand down they did and when the sith put his wepon away Tumot hit him with Force Lighting still say shit like Do not disobey or Commanding Officer they fought (all but bant) and Severien threw 2 grenades kill the sith. the Czerka Corp guy came out and said it would cost 4000 Credits to repair this Tumot gave the guy 2000 and the 2000 the sith was had on him they got the bowcasters and left.



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