Act I - The Escape

While the Phoenix is in orbit of a Hyperspace Beacon they begin downloading the new astrogational charts that will allow them to make the jump to hyperspace safely, and reach Taris on time to complete their task of transporting the maximum security prisoners to their new facility. However the phoenix is unexpectedly attacked by a pirate organization; known as the Viron Cartel who were expecting to catch spacers off guard near the commonly traveled beacon. When the cartel realized that it was a republic transport that they had fired upon it was too late to turn back and their leader Reenar Nalsten regrettably orders them to continue the raid and eventually disable the ships main generator which in turn takes down all of the ships major systems including their hyperdrive. With lifesupport systems running on backup the ship had 30 minutes of air left before decompression. Nalstens flagship the Archon docks with the Phoenix and an intense firefight ensues. The pirates push the republic guards all the way up to the front of their ship and forces one of the guards to open the doors to the brig, where Nalsten hopes he will find strong bodies that he can sell as slaves on the organizations base world of Gamorr. The prisoners are released and along with the guard and the captain of the Phoenix Drek Hyrian, are brought back to the Archon where they undock and leave the remaining wounded personnel to die. The Archon enters hyperspace and shortly lands on Gamorr. The prisoners are forced out of the ship where Nalsten and his advisor discuss the best and most profitable way to use the newly aquired slaves. They come to an agreement, selling off the weaker ones in the slave trade for a quick credit and entering the strongest ones in the arena where they are to fight to the death against other slaves. Amongst the strongest ones were Jakys Kre’arr, Kahless Narada, Navira Gallus, Nawrunn, Bant, and Umbral. Upon arriving at the arena Drek Hyrian suggests that aside from their disagreements the only way to survive is to work together and to have some sort of tactics for the fight before they go into the ring. They all agree that this is the best coarse of action for everyone and decide to listen to the Captains proposal. Entering the arena, the slaves, partly due to their criminal background do amazingly well in disposing of their combatants and during the heat of combat Nawrunn exacts his revenge on Drek Hyrian by catching him off guard and fusing all of his hatred, anger, and rage into a force lightning bolt that completely vaporizes the captain and surprises all of the combatants. The crowd is mesmorized by the brutality that the slaves have showed towards their opponents and emerge victorious from the first match, earning Nalsten 5000 Credits in bets that the crowd had placed on them.



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