Act II - Breaking Out

As Bant, Jakys Kre’arr, Nawrunn, Kahless Narada, Umbral, and Navira Gallus emerge from the arena victorious; Reenar Nalsten congratulates them on there outstanding performance on his behaf. He allows the tired and wounded of the group to leave in a speeder accompanied by his guards which takes them back to the pirate compound where they may rest and heal until the next battle. This leaves Nawrunn, Jakys Kre’arr, and Bant. Nawrunn talks to Nalsten and asks him if there is anyway that they can earn there freedom, Nalsten quickly shuts him down. However through further talks with Jakys Kre’arr he is convinced that it would be beneficial if his prized warriors were happy rather then upset about the situation and he agrees to a deal. If the fighters continue to fight without question in the arena and win all of the matches including defeating the arena championship team that they will have earned there freedom. Having time to think about this the players are asked to board a speeder with Nalsten which will bring them back to the pirate compound so that they can also rest for the night until the next match. When they arrive at the compound Nalsten brings them to a bigger building then all of the rest, it seems to be the biggest building of the whole compound. They enter and head up a flight of stairs where they notice two Bacta Tanks. Nalsten shows them where they will be staying for the night. The room is located adjacent to the bacta tanks at the top of the hallway. Once the players enter Nalsten locks all of the blast doors behind him as he exits the building. In the room they meet a Duros Scoundrel named Dyrid Darai. Five minutes pass and the group begins to try to break out. Bant uses his force powers to unlock the door and they make there way out. They decide to use the bacta tanks that are in the hallway to heal there wounds after an unsuccessful attempt by Bant to heal Nawrunn. Bant and Nawrunn enter the bacta tanks while the other two scout for weapons. Dyrid Darai and Jakys Kre’arr find a handful of Plasma Torches and some materials in which they fashion daggers out of. With these new weapons they are able to break through the doors across the hall and free two other slaves. Nawrunn and Bant emerge from the bacta fully healed after an hour of rest. The group along with the two freed slaves make there way through the locked blast door with the code that Nawrunn was able to remember from when Nalsten entered it the first time. They make there way down the stairs and with Bant’s amazing ability to sense traps, notice that there are motion sensors spanning the first floor. The sensors originate from the computer terminal at the front entrance and spans to guard the core of the room and most of the doors.

At first glance Bant thought that perhaps they could all just crouch under the sensors but then at closer examination he noticed that they cover the distance underneath them as well. Bant comes to the conclusion that if he searches his feelings and uses the force to lift Jakys into the air, he could lift him just high enough to reach the computer terminal. Jakys hacks into the computer and disables the motion sensors. Nawrunn mind tricks the two humans slaves in order to keep them quiet and to insure that they listen to orders, with a little help from Bant threatening the slaves with force lightning. They manage to find some additional weapons, including a pair of ancient lightsaber hilts and two republic prisoners who served aboard the phoenix. Jakys Kre’arr persuades the republic prisoners to join forces with them and break out. They decide to use the side exit rather then risk being detected by walking out the front. Nawrunn orders the female slave to open the door, but when she does she sets off a trap which triggers an explosion killing her, and destroying the room and any contents that were within it. She takes the full force of the blast working as a shield to the rest of the group. The party then heads out the open hallway and out through the back exit. They find a land speeder outside and Jakys hot-wires it and takes off.

They head north through the thick jungles of Gamorr and eventually come across a clearing deep in the jungle. Jakys stops the speeder and they see a ship docked in the middle of the clearing. Upon closer examination of the ship it appears to be battle damaged. Jakys Kre’arr miraculously uses a computer code matrix to unlock the tough security door outside of the ship and the crew climbs inside. Upon examination of the interior of the ship they notice that although battle damaged outside the ship is fully functional and the damage is minimal to the interior of the hull. Bant notices a compartment towards the right side of the ship and opens the blast doors. Inside he finds a battle damaged Hk droid that seems to be malfunctioning, however with some quick thinking he manages to draw power from the ship and forward it to the droid. The Hk unit powers up and begins ranting in binary while its system boots up. The droid has significant damage to its memory core and chassis which causes it to loose any information it might have contained in its memory banks. Once its rebooted the droid turns to Bant and says Statement: Hk-17 is ready to serve, master.



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