Act III - Jump To Light Speed

As the group scouted out the rest of the ship, Jakys Kre’arr ran a full diagnostic on the ships main computers. With this search he uncovered some new information. He discovered that the ship was emitting a Republic Transponder Code which listed the ship as the Celestial, a decommissioned mining vessel. The Star Charts hadn’t been updated in months and contained a single hyperspace rout which lead to the Nar Shaddaa System in Hutt space. On the other side of the ship Bant was tinkering with Hk-17 and found out that hk is capable of piloting the ship from his remote position in the charging cell. The group, now tired from there previous escape from the Viron Cartel order hk to take the ship up into orbit. As they arose into the upper atmosphere they could see the camp that they had broken out from only hours earlier.

Even though the skies were pitch black they could see that the camp was now illuminated and they noticed movement on the grounds around it. They assumed that the cartel had found out about there escape. Once in orbit they gave full control of the ship to Hk and ordered him to take the ship into hyperspace. Hk calculated that at there current range and trajectory it would take them approximately 10 Standard Hours to reach Nar Shaddaa. Bant, Jakys Kre’arr, Nawrunn, and Dyrid Darai now very tired from there nightly escape discussed who should get to sleep first and who should stay up and patrol. Eventualy the group came to the decision of letting Hk stay up to pilot the ship while all the meatbags got some rest. Bant ordered Hk to wake them after 8 hours. (During the night Bant and Nawrunn had a prophetic dream. A female voice called out to them and told them that she had felt there power over a vast distance and that they had something that belonged to her, they both tried to lock on to her force energy but it was too clouded and far away. She told them that she would continue to contact them in dreams and told them that she will give them coordinates to a mysterious system that does not exist on any star charts. There she said, she will be waiting for there arrival.) When the 8 hours were up Hk communicated with them through the ships comm and told them all to wake up.

With 2 hours to spare until arrival at Nar Shaddaa, Jakys Kre’arr tries to make a make-shift disguise for the two republic soldiers that they had helped escape from the cartel compound; Jim and Marik. He asks them to get rid of there Republic insignias and alters the look of there clothing a little bit. Finally the hyper-tunnel begins to close up and the ship arrives in orbit around the smugglers moon. They ask Hk to bring the Celestial in. Upon breaking the atmoshphere they are contacted by a Quarren from the Nar Shaddaa Space port. He asks them some basic questions about the nature of there visit and why there ship is broadcasting Republic transponder codes. Jakys Kre’arr says that the ship is malfunctioning and the Quarren believes him. Upon landing at the star port the quarren meets them there with armed guards and they begin to search there ship. They find nothing of interest and the crew is cleared for entrance into Nar Shaddaa. The two republic troops then exit the ship along with the slave that Nawrunn had obtained back on Gamorr. The Quarren does not recognize them as republic soldiers and they continue by him. The Quarren then asks if they carry any identification and Bant swiftly responds with “You Don’t need to see our identification”. The Quarren agrees with bant and they exit the spaceport in search of a weapons dealer, and to make good on rumors of a Rodian who can change there transponder codes; For a price. They buy a land speeder from a merchant for 50 credits after haggling him down from 100, and then make there way into the urban sprawl. There they meet a Cathar who sells them fake identification cards. They then make there way into a merchants parts shop where there are droid parts and all kinds of goods to be had. They purchase 6 commlinks and 10 medpacks from the merchant and then make there way to follow the rumors and find the Rodian. He agrees to change there transponder codes for 2000 credits, but after haggling he agrees to 1100 credits and the human slave that nawrunn had obtained.

Jakys Kre’arr hits the human on the head with the bottom of his blaster pistol causing him to pass out, and then hands him over to the Rodian. Nawrunn accompanies the Rodian back to the Celestial to oversee his work. The group then decides to try to relax and heads to the Cantina for a couple of drinks. Upon arriving at the cantina they can hear the Bith musicians playing and the bustling of the crowds. They enter the cantina and make there way past several Pazaak tables and take a seat at the bar. The bartender notices Hk and tells Bank that his droid is not welcome here. Bant then says to the bartender “This droid is welcome here” and the bartender agrees. Bant even manages to get him and Jakys both free drinks from the bartender. Suddenly an Aqualish taps Bant on the shoulder and his Rodian friend translates for him: “He doesn’t like droids”. Hk responds by saying “Statement: Are those your final words Meatbag?!” and with that a brawl erupts. The Aqualish knocks over Bant and Jakys drinks and begins to reach for his blaster as the bartender ducks behind the table……. (To be continued next session)

ACT III CONTINUED: The group fights tactically using the bar as cover and shots ring out all across the cantina. Jakys calls out for them to aim for the head. They score a couple of good hits and then Bant finishes the battle by using the force to lift the aqualish and slams him into the rodian, knocking them both against the wall at incredible speeds. The impact causes there heads to crack against the solid walls of the cantina and the battle is over. The group collects the enemies clothes in hopes of giving them to the crew back at the Celestial to be used as disguises. They then notice that in spite of the battle there are still two people sitting casualy at a table like nothing happened. Bant walks over to them and asks them who they are, after a discussion the group earns there trust and they reveal to them that they (A Bothan and Duros male) are black market dealers. The group asks them if they can take a look at there weapons and the Bothan agrees. The dealers motion for the group to follow and they lead them back to there apartment complex where they sell Bant, Jakys, Nawruun, and Dyrid weapons. The group asks if they have anything else for sale, perhaps more exotic things like droid parts/heavy weapons.

The Duros says that they do at there organizations base location in the city and after another discussion they agree to take the party there. After dodging crowded city blocks filled with civilians Dyrid gets them there safely and they exit there speeder leaving Hk-17 to guard it. The Bothan and Duros motion for the group to follow them to the buildings entrance which is locked with a high security blast door which requires a password to open. They open the door and the Bothan tells them to “Stay behind us and don’t make any sudden moves, I don’t want you guys to attract to much attention”. unnerved by this the group hesitantly follows them inside and through another secured door. Once past this second door they walk into a large hall where they see a hutt laying down, and beside him armed guards. The bothan and Duro approach the hutt and introduce the party by telling the hutt that they wish to buy from him. The hutt agrees and introduces himself as Olo the Hutt. Nawruun comments on his slave and begins to fall out of the Hutts good graces but Bant and Dyrid quickly jump into quell the situation. Olo has the items they seek however the group doesn’t have the money that he is asking in return for them and so Bant asks if the Great Hutt could perhaps have them do a service for him in return for the items instead of paying him in credits. He agrees to this and tells them that a client of his known as Don Solo owes him 100,000 credits and has failed to pay him a single credit back. He gives the group the coordinates of Don’s home on Nar Shaddaa and sends them on there way, warning them that his offer of exchanging a service for the items instead of credits was generous and that they best not disgrace him by failing his task. With that the group makes it back onto there speeder and on there way to the coordinates. They arrive about half hour later in front of the complex that Don Solo resides and exit the speeder with Hk this time. Before they can even make it to the entrance they hear a sound coming from the air above them and look up to notice a rodian with a jet pack headed right for them. He lands right in between the group and the door, hits a switch on his rifle and aims at the group. “My master has sent me to find you after the trouble you caused on Gamorr. He wishes you taken alive, however if you will not come willingly I am authorized to use lethal force.” The Rodian says to the group before him.



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