Allahu Akbar

The Party choose to go and see Dr. V and they bought those guys back after returning to Olo’s side of the moon the party choose to go after Olo but how? Bant choose to rig up a speeder with 10 thermal detonators and crush it into Olo’s side wall while Tumot’s Drained Knowledge form Navira and would led a Team to Attack the front of the building how ever they still need away to get the speeder to Olo’s wall and blow it up. At this point Jakys’ daughter was asked by Bant if she would drive the speeder into the wall killing herself. She said yes and Bant told her that she would have to yell the Mon Calamari battle cry “Allahu Akbar” right before she killed herself. Tumot also told her she would get 40 virgins for this. (he “forgot” to tell her they were 40 Hutt virgins) So as the teams set out the war was about to begin.
They got to Olo’s house Tumot leading “Gold Team” walked up to the Guards at the entrance and said he was to meet with Olo. When the Guard said Olo had no meetings to day Tumot lifted him into the air. The guard then ask what Tumot was doing? Tumot replied by flipping him off. He threw Guard One into Guard Two killing them. Tumot then ordered the wookiees to take place by the door and he told Kmart to shoot the Cameras so they could draw out the guards As thye guards ran out Tumot yelled “For Golan the Hutt!”. Once The fighting started Bant had Jakys’ daughter hit the gas and ram into the building. She hit the gas and went to hit the wall right before the huge explosion Bant, Dyrid, Severien, and the rest of “Red Team” all heard “ALLAHU AKBAR!” when the smoke cleared all that was left was a huge hole. Red Team then moved in to hit Olo but Guards ran out to see what happen but all they got to see was Severien throw two more thermal detonators and they blew up.
Back at the front Gold Team had kill one gurad and told the rest if they wanted to live they should run now. They ran and Tumot entered to see Olo’s chambers filled with allot of bounty hunters and a very fat Hutt.



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