Ok so here is what happen Tumot’s girl friend walked out of Tumot room and was called a slut by Jakys and then he put a gun to her head think Tumot told her the plan to kill people she walk out but before that Severien put a grenade in her pocket. (which was wired because she had no close on)She then went out shopping and was blown the fuck up. Then Tumot,Jackys and Navira went to give the cargo to the senate building while Severien, Bant and Dyrid went to the Jedi temple were they would have to wait 5 hours to meet Bant’s old master. So after Tumot, Jackys and Navira dumped the food off at the senate building they split ways Tumot went to meet with the contact wile Jackys and Navira went to Czerka to get some money. then some more shit happen and then more shit then Kahless woke up and he did some shit to when they all came up with a plan to kill the supreme chancellor.
Ok someone plz rewrite this I came up with a bad verison of what happne and worte this a 1:24 am so just rewrite it



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