After having the Firebrand repaired overnight, our crew set off into the city to find the necessary parts to repair HK’s severed hand and install his holoprojector and arm launcher. By listening to idle conversations in the crowded street, the group found a Wookiee who was willing to bring the to the shop owned by his cousin, who sold droids and droid parts at fair prices.

When the party arrived, Nawrunn immediately began looking at the available droids, hoping to pick up a cheap astromech. Meanwhile, Bant and Jakys negotiated with the Wookiee shop owner to get the parts they needed for the low price of 1700 credits. Everybody left except Nawrunn, who stayed behind to negotiate for the astromech droid they had for sale.

The group, now consisting of Bant, Jakys, HK, Jim, and Marek, headed for a cantina to wait for Nawrunn. There they met Kahless Narada, Navira Gallus, and Umbral, who had fought with the in the arena on Gamorr. After a little discussion, they all agreed that it would be a good idea to join forces.

Unbeknownst to the party, Nawrunn, offended by the shopkeep’s refusal of his offer of 2000 credits for the droid, murdered the Wookiee and his cousin in cold blood, stealing the droid and all of the money in the shop. He told Jakys what he’d done over the comm and Jakys rushed everybody else back to the Firebrand.

When Nawrunn got to the ship, he was confronted by the rest of his shipmates, who attempted to stun him. After a few shots were exchanged, Nawrunn surrendered and submitted to a temporary imprisonment in his room. After the ship was on its way to the uncharted planet Bant had told Jakys about, Jakys, Bant, and Kahless plotted to have Kahless replace Nawrunn in the powerful force-user’s plans. However, Jakys’s attempt to talk Nawrunn into handing over the lightsaber in his possession ended in a tense standoff between the two, and Navira’s attempt to steal it failed, leaving Nawrunn enraged. In the morning, after repairing HK and setting up his new toys, Jakys spoke to Nawrunn and convinced him to be more submissive in the future.

After this, HK revealed that he could repair the broken astromech droid, programming it to consider Jakys its master. It gave its designation as A501 and was immediately set to work as the ship’s engineer.

About a day later, the party arrived at the planet. Immediately upon landing, all of the Force-users were wracked with a massive headache. Making their way into a cave as the headaches intensified, the party encountered a renegade Sith Lord who had once worked with Exar Kun. Enraged that Bant and Nawrunn had brought extra people, the Sith Lord punished them by throttling them all into unconsciousness and disabling HK. Navira and Jakys, who had waited outside the chamber, escaped his ire and fled the cave, preparing to escape in the ship. The Sith Lord revealed that the Firebrand and HK had once belonged to him, and told Bant and Nawrunn that they must go to a specific cave on the planet, and there they would face trials that would prepare them for apprenticeship under him…

Firefight Part Two
After the party traveled to the cave in the Firebrand, Nawrunn, Bant, and Kahless entered while everybody else stayed behind. Inside, the trio found a Sith adept who implied that the Sith Lord had sent them as part of his training. While Navira cleaned Jakys out in sabacc, the three men in the cave fought a brief but intense battle with the Sith adept, killing him skillfully. Bant claimed his lightsaber and robe as trophies before letting those in the ship know it was safe to enter if they wished. Jakys and Navira made their way in while Dyrid, Jim, Marek, and A501 stayed on the ship.

The party explored some side caverns together and found some lockers full of grenades and other supplies. Eventually they attempted to make their way deeper into the cave, but found their way blocked by tons of fallen rocks, diverting them into a side room containing several computers and a locked door. Jakys attempted to hack into the door with one of the computers, but accidentally triggered a Sith training program set to level 1, closing and locking the exit door behind them and cutting off Nawrunn, who was serving as a rear guard.

Immediately several storm beasts were brought into the room through trapdoors. Fortunately, these storm beasts couldn’t aim worth a damn and were easily cut down by the party, causing the door behind them to open and letting Nawrunn in. Jakys, hoping to prevent that from happening again, tried to hack a different computer to disable the training program and let them through. In a critical miscalculation, though, he activated the training program again, set to level 10. He immediately attempted to disable the training program by shooting the computer, but that only destroyed the one computer, and the program continued onward, bringing two storm beasts and a fucking rancor into the room.

While the storm beasts continued to be useless, the team quickly got to work taking down the rancor. While Navira shot at the eyes to blind it, Kahless used the Force to grab its heart, hurting and paralyzing it. Nawrun bombarded the poor thing with blast after blast of Force lightning and Bant chopped at it with his lightsaber. Jakys, feeling pretty useless, finally came up with a cunning plan and dashed underneath the rancor, planting one of the frag grenades that he’d found right below it, and dashed back out. It was finally taken down when Kahless finally crushed its heart (although Bant and Jakys maintained that it was Bant who landed the killing blow), leaving the party free to take care of the two harmless storm beasts.

After they’d defeated all of the enemies, both doors unlocked, and the party peered through the door onward, seeing a sign that said, in large-point comic sans: “TO BE CONTINUED

Firefight Part Three
Moving on in the cavern, the party (Bant, Kahless Narada, Jakys Kre’arr, Navira Gallus, and Nawrunn) healed at a save point conveniently placed bacta tank just beyond the “to be continued” sign. In the chamber beyond that, they found a Sith altar. The woman who had appeared in Nawrunn and Bant’s dreams materialized behind the altar and told the party that they had performed well, but had one last task to perform. She vanished as dozens of Force energy beings appeared from the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Navira, on Jakys’s advice, immediately shot the altar, trying to drive them away, but that just made them angry, converging on her. However, the group discovered that the creatures were incorporeal, and moved through them to examine the altar. After a series of tests, they concluded that the altar probably was not used for sacrifices.

The energy beings suddenly solidified and surrounded the group again. After futilely trying to take down the beasts with their old tactics, the group received a brief visitation from the woman again, who implied that nothing less than total surrender to the Dark Side of the Force would conquer them.

At this, Nawrunn gave himself over to the grief that had been troubling him since the murder of his Master and his wife. Raising his vibroblade, he cut powerfully through the creature near him, imbuing the weapon with its dark side energy — the Dark Blade reborn. Totally surrendered to the Dark Side, Nawrunn destroyed most of the energy beings singlehandedly before threateningly taking his leave of the party.

The woman reappeared, congratulating the party on passing the third test. She told them to go to the Sith Lord who had sent them to receive their reward. When the foursome arrived, they were told that the Sith’s name was Darth Valek and offered positions in his empire, which they accepted. Bant and Kahless were given the antique lightsabers from Gamorr and bestowed the titles Darth Fangen and Darth Drakus, while Jakys and Navira were given enhanced blasters with the emblem of Lord Valek on them. Valek also gave the four their first mission: Go to Coruscant and stealthily assassinate the Chancellor with poisons that Valek would provide. To this end, he introduced the team to Darth Valinus, also known as Tumot, one of his highest-ranking apprentices, who would help them on the mission.

As the team left the planet, Navira, Kahless, and Jakys began to devise a plan. First stop: the wreckage of the Phoenix…



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