Phoenix Rising

In order to carry out their plan, the party needed to be able to get to Taris in order to find the hyperspace beacon at which the Phoenix was attacked. Tumot said that he knew of two planets that would have beacons leading to Taris: Xantooine, the planet of xtreme allergies, and Triton, the planet of beaurocratic Gactimus’s Witnesses. Realizing that neither of these planets would be ideal for equipping themselves to raid the Phoenix wreckage, the team made their way back to Nar Shaddaa, landing on the other side of the moon from where Olo held sway. After bribing the dockmaster for some information, the party split up: Navira and Jakys headed out to look for environment suits and droid parts while Bant and Tumot brought Jim and Marek to a cantina to, unbeknownst to them and Navira, sell them into slavery.

Jakys and Navira found a Rodian who was willing to direct them to a shop that sold droid parts at fair prices with only a little monetary prompting. When they arrived, Jakys asked if they also sold environment suits. When the shopkeeper went into the back room to check, Navira quickly shoved the contents of a toolkit into her bag. As it turned out, the shopkeeper did have environment suits, and was willing to sell three of them to the pair for 21,000 credits. Jakys didn’t have nearly enough money for this, so he drained Umbral and Dyrid’s credchips and offered 13,000 for two of them, which the shopkeeper accepted.

The shopkeeper then let slip that he was the cousin of the Aqualish that Bant had killed in the cantina the first time they were on Nar Shaddaa. Knowing how Bant could get, Jakys advised that the shopkeeper reinforce his security. In exchange for this free advice, the shopkeeper sold them a droid neck for a discounted price of 500 credits, after which Jakys and Navira made their way back to the ship to repair HK.

Meanwhile, Bant and Tumot discovered that the bartender at the cantina was actually a slaver using his bartending job to collect people as slaves when they passed out drunk. The bartender, a Mon Cal, was overjoyed to meet Bant, and agreed to buy Jim and Marek if Bant would help him capture an Aqualish sitting at the bar. Bant agreed, and as soon as Jim and Marek were sloshed, he got to work on the Aqualish, listening to his sob story about his brother who had been killed in a cantina brawl. He bought the creature a Wookiee Wango, hoping to knock him out, but the Aqualish’s CON score was apparently through the roof, so he had to resort to Mind Tricking him into following everybody to the Mon Cal’s slave HQ.

At this point the twosome was joined by Kahless. Between the three of them, they defused the situation when the Aqualish realized what was happening. Noticing that the Mon Cal was augmenting the slaves with experimental bionic implants, Tumot attempted to recruit him for Darth Valek’s cause, but to no avail. After a tense argument in Sith between Tumot and Kahless, Tumot was talked out of killing him on the spot and into exchanging contact information should the Mon Cal ever change his mind.

Back on the ship, Jakys, who had heard part of the argument, confronted Tumot and demanded that he start working as a team player. As Tumot Force Choked him, the rest of the team threatened to kill Tumot if he didn’t back down. Sullenly, Tumot freed Jakys and retired to his new quarters to call his master and report. The Dark Lord, under the impression that the confrontation had been a mutiny, told Tumot to nip it in the bud. As a way of making reparations, Tumot, who was a captain in the Valekite miltary, granted Jakys the rank of Commander and Kahless the rank of Lieutenant Conmmander.

With this, the team set off to finally execute their plan.



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