We Violated the Law!....again

After leaving Iridonia, Bant, Tumot, and Dyrid chose to go to Coruscant and complete the mission Lord Valek assigned them. (That is, to kill the supreme chancellor.) Knowing they would need a reason to dock on Coruscant, Bant suggested that the party should stop on (name of planet here) to stock up foodstuffs – allowing them to appear as merchants looking to off-load their goods. Dyrid and Tumot agreed. On top of obtaining foodstuffs, the party sought to sell the jewelry they had purchased on Iridonia. Dyrid took control of the ship, and after a jump into hyperspace, they landed on (whatever that plant was called).

During the search for a suitable customer, Tumot revealed why he had been chosen to go with the party to kill the chancellor. Darth Valek had promised him that, if he was to complete the mission, Tumot would be given control of a fleet of ships to attack Dantooine in hopes of either finding Drax Hetfarn or acquiring information on his whereabouts.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at unloading their jewelry, the party came across a cantina upon receiving a tip that there may be some traders there. Walking into the bar, Tumot saw dancing Twi’leks and immediately hooked his path in their direction. Tracing Tumot’s path, Dyrid observed the dancers and shouted, “This place has a lot of whores!” in disgust, though the volume of the vaguely-familiar music drained out his exclamation. Observing the rest of his surroundings, he spotted an Aqualish bartender, saying, “This place really has no taste what-so-ever.” to himself. Making the same observation, Bant then ordered HK to come to the cantina.

Tumot, using his ever-so-charismatic “Give Money” skill, paid one of the dancers 1,000 credits to spend some “time” together in the backroom, disappearing from the scene for some time. After some harassment from the bouncer, remedied by a mind trick from Bant, HK made his way to his master, noticed the Aqualish bartender, and said, “Statement: Master, I like cantinas.”

Bant made a direct approach to the bartender, asking the bartender if he knew where they would be able to sell some of their jewelry. In response, the bartender said, “I happen to buy and sell jewelry as a second job.” (As most any self-respecting cantina bartender would.) So as to not have their jewelry stolen in the chaos of the crowd, they decided it would be best to take matters into the back room.

After stepping through a door and down a staircase, Bant was unpleasantly reunited (Well, more unpleasantly than usual) with Tumot, who was apparently making his 1,000 credits worthwhile with the Twi’lek. Disgusted, Bant used Move Object to tear the two apart. Annoyed, Tumot left, taking the dancer back to the ship. Ignoring what would normally scar anyone’s eyes, the bartender then took a look at the jewelry. During this, he engaged in small-talk with Bant, expressing grief for the tragic loss of his uncle. After a few questions about the appearance of the bartender’s uncle and what had happened to him, Bant determined that the relative was undoubtedly one of the many Aqualish which had been slain by his own hands. Continuing on with business, the client found himself pleased with the quality and stated that he would be interested in purchasing two kilograms worth of it in exchange for 10,000 credits. Completing the transaction, Bant then drew his lightsaber on the bartender.

The bartender was as dumbfounded as an Alzheimer’s patient in a busy mall until Bant said, “Your uncle screamed when I killed him!” Out of defense, the Aqualish drew his blaster pistol and the two began attacking each other.

Interrupting the card game which Dyrid was engaged in, (The Sith Guy) stated that he felt something wasn’t right, and that they should investigate. Following (The Sith Guy’s) advice, they two made their way into the back room. Dyrid eagerly joined the battle, drawing his pistol, while (The Sith Guy) refused to attack on the grounds that the bartender had done nothing wrong.

Noticing that the Aqualish was absent for a rather long time, the two Gamorrean bouncers went to make sure nothing was wrong. They entered the back room, now coming up behind Dyrid and (The Sith Guy). An embarrassing display of marksmanship proceeded as the blaster pistol-wielders managed to miss excessively in point-blank range. Eventually, one of these misses proved to be deadly. As the bartender took a shot at Dyrid and missed, the round made its way towards the manhood of one of the Gamorrean bouncers standing in the back – putting him down on the ground in agony. Bant then made a successful swing with his lightsaber at the Aqualish’s arm, severing most of it.

Shortly afterward, Tumot had returned to the cantina to regroup with the party. Entering the back room, he noticed that a fight had broken out. Thus, he also joined in the battle, now coming up behind the two Gamorreans. He then decided to use the force to lift up the still-standing bouncer and threw him into the critically-injured one. While the former was now severely wounded, the latter was finished off.

Taking yet another shot, the bartender fired a round at (The Sith Guy). Now letting go of the morals that prevented him from fighting earlier, he entered a state of rage, attacking the Aqualish. Bant, taking another swing of his lightsaber, managed to cut the remainder of the bartender’s arm off, up to the shoulder. After a few misses, (The Sith Guy) proceeded to unleash his rage on the assailant, finishing him and attacking him even after his life had ended. To end the battle, HK walked up to the barely-living Gamorrean, ending his life with a stab of his arm.

With the bartender and the two bouncers dead, the party went back up to the bar. Apparently, nobody had even noticed what had just happened. Bant decided to serve as the bartender shortly, handing out free drinks and then cleaning out all of the credits from the register. Tumot also jumped behind the bar, taking note of 3 bottles of rancor blood. He took 2 bottles for himself and served the remaining bottle to the bar patrons.

Once again looking for another suitable customer and also a supplier of foodstuffs, Tumot, Bant and Dyrid made their way to the more wealthy section of the city. They eventually made a stop at a Czerka Corporation office. The party felt that they may be able to strike a deal with the company. Upon first stepping in, they were greeted by a droid that informed them that they would need an appointment if they had any matters regarding business, but a Czerka Corp. representative made an appearance shortly afterward, telling the adventurers not to mind the droid. The party stated what they had to offer and what they would like in exchange for it.

After some slightly rocky negotiations, the Czerka employee agreed that, in exchange for the 20Kg of jewelry, she would offer 50,000 credits as well as 30 military-issue blaster rifles – all equivalent to a total of 100,000 credits. Concluding that the rifles would be useful in aiding the Iridonian resistance movement, the party agreed to this. Killing two birds with one stone, Tumot decided to see if Czerka Corp had any foodstuff they’d be willing to offload. Charmed by Tumot’s charisma, she agreed rather quickly, arranging plans for the party to deliver Czerka Corp.’s goods as freelancers. Shortly after this, the party and the representative parted ways.

Tumot, Bant and Dyrid decided to check out the nearby Czerka Corp. farm. Here, they hoped to purchase additional foodstuffs that they could sell for their own personal profit when they landed on Coruscant. After a brief transaction, they purchased (Enter Amount Here) more kilograms of foodstuffs. They then returned to their ship.

Before continuing their course for Coruscant, they party inspected their cargo hold. Fortunately, the goods from both the representative and the farm had been delivered to the ship without any trouble. They then readied themselves as Dyrid took control of the ships controls once again. They made the jump to light speed.

However, when the ship slowed down, there was a problem. Looking out the windows, the party realized that they weren’t at Coruscant. Instead, they were in deep space and on the edge of an asteroid field. Understanding that there was no real alternative, Dyrid proposed that they take the risk of engaging the hyperdrive again in hopes that they would end up at their destination this time around. Bant agreed, and the ship sped up to faster-than-light speeds once again.

Luckily, their second attempt was successful, properly arriving at Coruscant. After being contacted by a member of the Rebublic, Dyrid was questioned about his reason for coming to the planet. He had explained that they were freelance traders looking to offload food products for Czerka Corp. After confirming this, the Republic member gave the party clearance to dock.



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