RACE: Mon Calamari
STR: 12 DEX: 12 CON: 10 INT: 14 WIS: 16 CHA: 15
Speed:6 BaseAtk:+7 ForcePts:9 DestinyPts:6
HP: 65

Fort: 18
Ref: 19
Will: 21


Bant was born on Dac. His father and mother were both killed during an extremist Quarren revolt leaving a young Bant orphaned. Despite being a child of only six he quickly learned how to survive on his own on the harsh calamarian streets often relying on his natural force affinity to pickpocket his way to a meal. After several years of petty crime Bant unknowingly attempted to “force pickpocket” a traveling jedi master(human). Naturally the Jedi caught Bant but was amazed at his connection with the force and instead of punishing him decided to bring him to the jedi academy on coruscant.

Bant soon learned that the master’s name was Xan Akosh, and that he was a powerful and respected member of the jedi council. As Bant was undergoing his initial training Master Akosh would often visit him, checking on his progress and acting as a mentor. The jedi soon discovered, however, that the Bant was a very aggressive and determined young calamari and would often turn to violence as a solution. They didn’t want to lose such a promising prospect so they sent him to study on Tython where academic study was emphasized as a means of pacifying the young Bant. The masters would teach him biology, chemistry, and anatomy, often showing him how to heal injured animals(although he much preferred dissecting them).

Bant spent most of his adolescents on Tython, and as time passed Master Akosh would visit him more frequently and take a greater interest in his progress. Master Akosh soon began to impart some philosophy on Bant telling him that the ends would often justify the means and that the dark side was a valuable resource if not abused. He even went so far as to teach him some dark side powers. All this was done without the knowledge of the other jedi. Akosh then told Bant that he was actually a “gray jedi”(walks the line of light and dark) and the head of a secret Gray Council within the jedi order. This group, he said, acted outside of the Republic’s jurisdiction in order to best serve the galaxy. Bant loved the idea of ridding himself of the jedi’s senseless rules and pledged himself to his master’s cause.

Shortly after Bant turned 19 he returned to coruscant in order to prepare for his trials. While he was sparring with a fellow padawan he lost control of his temper and severe beat his peer, the council was furious. Realizing that Bant was too violent to ever serve the order they ended his training and exiled him from the order. Akosh put up little resistance to this and told Bant that he could do more outside of the order. Shortly after leaving Master Akosh decided to put Bant in charge of the newly formed militant branch of the gray council, the “Gray Sentinels”, a mercenary organization armed with “misplaced” republic weapons and starships and funded through accepting various mercenary/assassination contracts.

After almost 10 years Bant had forged the Gray Sentinels into a respected mercenary organization, with several hundred well trained members and a small fleet of almost 30 battle ready ships. Akosh called on Bant to preform a crucial mission for him, eliminating a Republic capitol ship that was transporting over two dozen senators that were about to make a major announcement regarding a secret society within the jedi order. In order for the ship to navigate around Hutt space it would have to pass a remote Hyperspace Beacon in the Hoth system, this is when they chose to strike. The Gray Sentinels ambushed the ship with almost all of their fleet before it had time to plot a hyperspace jump. Before they could begin their attack a republic fleet jumped in behind them. IT WAS A TRAP. Though they were outnumbered and outgunned they focused all their fire on the capitol ship and managed to bring it down, crashing to the ice planet below. They continued to fight for their lives, a few of their ships jumped away but most were destroyed. Bant’s ship’s engines were damaged and he lost control and began to float through space. Most of his crew died as the republic scum boarded, Bant and a few others were taken alive to be tried for crimes against the republic.

One day Bant will find his old master, rebuild his forces, and take his place at his master’s side as the Dark Lord of the Council.