Dyrid Darai


RACE: Duros
Scoundrel: 7 CLASS LVL: 7
STR: 9 DEX: 21 CON: 8 INT: 17 WIS: 13 CHA: 14
Speed:6 BaseAtk:+1 ForcePts:6 DestinyPts:1
HP: 32

Fort: 9
Ref: 17
Will: 12


Dyrid grew up in one of the orbital space cities of Duro. He grew up in an impoverished home and neighborhood. By the time he was a young teenager, he had already been involved in petty crimes, such as minor burglary and pickpocketing. As time went on, and each crime he committed yielded more and more rewards for him, greed settled in and his crimes became greater. His speed is a result of evading law enforcement so frequently, though he doesn’t mind going into combat if the odds are favorable.

Nearing the age of a young adult, Dyrid Darai began a small smuggling operation with a partner. They used some of the money they had earned throughout the years to obtain ships, and eventually began buying and selling illegal goods, such as armor and weapons, throughout several systems. While their operation never became too great, it was definitely profitable at the time, and it had started to grow. Dyrid personally flew one of the operation’s cargo ships, earning him some commendable skill in flying. His travels while working in this operation have also given him experience with general galactic lore.

As the operation grew, the smuggling operation’s members became increasingly more violent in their methods to obtain illegal goods. Rather than just purchasing them at discount rates and selling where demand was high, Dyrid had insisted that they cut down on costs by seizing transports, allowing them to acquire the goods virtually free of cost. Always wanting to personally get involved in everything, Dyrid always fought in the attacks, rather than solely ordering his associates around. From this, he picked up some fair pistol skills.

It was not long afterward that a problem had come up in the organization’s operations. Dyrid and his partner began to argue their methods, and after a much heated dispute, his partner had broken off and formed a rival gang. The two gangs eventually went to war with each other and an extremely violent battle between the two ensued. While Dyrid managed to successfully kill off his partner in combat, the rest of his associates had been defeated, and his operation was taken over.

The rival gang’s second-in-command had plans to deal with Dyrid. Death was considered too good for the leader of a much-hated enemy. He was beaten, exhausted, and then tied down in a ship. The gang members plotted the ship’s course for a pirate camp on the planet of Gamorr, where he was to be sold as a slave. The Viron Cartel, in control of that pirate camp, would decide to use him to fight in their arena.

Dyrid feels that, if his combat skills had been greater, he would have been able to defeat the enemy gang. It is because of this that he plans on becoming a skillful gunslinger, and he plans to get his revenge on the gang that betrayed him.

Dyrid Darai

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