Jakys Kre'arr

Bothan Scoundrel


RACE: Bothan
Scoundrel: 5
Noble: 1
Total LVL: 6
STR: 7 DEX: 17 CON: 8 INT: 16 WIS: 14 CHA: 18
Speed: 6 BaseAtk: +3(?) ForcePts: 8 DestinyPts: 2
HP: 35

Fort: 15
Ref: 21
Will: 21


Jakys Kre’arr was born on Bothawui. His father was a prominent member of the Bothan Council and always encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps, despite the child’s disinterest. Never really at home in the intricacies of politics, Jakys left home at 19, bought a small ship with money from his father (who grudgingly gave his blessing), and wandered aimlessly around Bothan space for several years doing odd jobs. He quickly discovered a talent for languages as he worked with various alien species and used this to his advantage, gaining many jobs for traders and smugglers. He eventually fell in with a small band of smugglers who specialized in shipping stolen goods to the various factions in the Great Sith War. While on a routine kolto run to Fondor, Jakys was intercepted by a Republic patrol in the Columus system and arrested for possessing stolen Republic military goods. He is being shipped to Taris to await trial.

His silver fur is soft and well-groomed, and he cuts a dashing figure with the ladies. He prefers to look as dapper as possible, and this is reflected by his clothing, closer to traditional Human attire than Bothan. Though he’s motivated primarily by self-interest, he’s not inherently evil and won’t kill without a very good reason, or steal from anybody if the benefit to him doesn’t outweigh the risk if he’s caught. He prefers to be well-informed about situations before acting, and is slow to fully trust people.

His long-term destiny is to set up a major smuggling organization.

His current short-term destiny is to get his top hat back from the Phoenix.

Jakys Kre'arr

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