A grey Wookiee Jedi Who is trained in the Dark Side


RACE: Wookiee
STR: 18 DEX: 11 CON: 12 INT: 13 WIS: 14 CHA: 14
Speed:6 BaseAtk:+2 ForcePts:9 DestinyPts:1
HP: 36

Fort: 14
Ref: 13
Will: 15


Nawrunn was born into slavery on Orvax IV. When he was five years old, a Jedi Master named Djon Tabor discovered the young Force-sensitive and purchased his freedom, taking the young Wookiee as his Padawan. Ten years into Nawrunn’s apprenticeship (during which Master Tabor gave him the affectionate nickname Fuzzy), the pair was sent to investigate the crime lord Baron Varentet, who had been blackmailing Republic officials from a hidden base on Coruscant. This was to be Nawrunn’s last mission before he took the Jedi Trials for knighthood. After three months, they tracked Varentet to his lair, but as they entered, they were ambushed by mercenaries. Nawrunn emerged unscathed, but Tabor had been killed by a luck shot from Varentet. Enraged, Nawrunn murdered the crime lord, drawing on the Dark Side of the Force to aid him.

Having fallen, Nawrunn traveled the galaxy for a year, trying to become more powerful, believing that only his limited strength had prevented him from saving his master. On Korriban he met a Twi’lek Dark Jedi named Adon ’ar Gella, who offered to complete his training. Instead of a lightsaber, Gella wielded a vibrosword imbued with the Dark Side known as the Dark Blade. It was handed down through an unbroken chain of masters and apprentices, and Gella promised Nawrunn that it would one day be his, if he were to complete his training and kill Gella. After four years, Nawrunn had reached the peak of his ability and slew Gella in single combat, taking the Dark Blade as his own.

Nawrunn met another Wookiee named Rarrawyya in his travels, and they fell in love, traveling together for the next four years. On Apatros, the captain of a Republic ship called the Phoenix attempted to capture the pair to deliver to a senator named Tav Benson as a gift, hoping to get into the senator’s good graces. The Wookiees fought back, and when the smoke cleared, five Republic soldiers and Rarrawyya were all dead. Nawrunn swore revenge on the captain and escaped in a shuttle. After three years on the run, Republic troops captured him on Coruscant. He is to be tried for the murder of the five Republic soldiers, and is being shipped to Taris to await his trial.


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