Ubel Ombra

A Clawdite who like to stay in a Nautolan form.


Sabersword196!RACE: Clawdite
Scoundrel: 6 Jedi: 5 CLASS LVL: 11
STR:16 DEX:13 CON:12 INT:15 WIS:16 CHA: 17

Ubel’s lightsaber


Ubel was born and Raised on Zolan. When he was 6 years old the Jedi led by a Munn named Drax Hetfarn came to his family’s farm and told his mother and father that he was to be taken to Coruscant for Jedi Training but his father refused to let his only son be taken from him and told the Jedi no. The Muun said if you do not give him to us we will take him by force. Ubel’s Father then attacked the Jedi and told the young Ubel to run and He did and he never looked back. He was on the run for three day until he came a cross a Nautolan smuggler named Eison Ombra who took him in as his son. During this time Eison thought Zolan how to be a Smuggler however he told him to never get involved in the slave trade for no good could come of it. The two become so close that Ubel saw Eison as his father and Eison saw Ubel as a son. Ubel choose to take the form of a Nautolan as his everyday form.
When Ubel turned 12 Eison built him a protocol droid with real human emotions named S4-E6 A.K.A Mig this droid was built not only to be the friend of Ubel but to be his bodyguard. When Ubel was 16 Eison died of a heart attack leaving everything he owned to Ubel. Ubel choose to make his own contacts and he did however they all knew him by a differnt name and race. By age 20 he had contacts in the Senate itself the Senator of Naboo and the Senator of Sullust. William Sato (Naboo) and Sian Ningo (Sullust). Sato was involved in the Spice trade and Ningo was involved with Weapons Trade Sato knew Ubel as Scott Banto a Human Male and Ningo knew him as Monto Albar a Mon Calamari male. He also had 2 Hutt crime lords Buddha the Hutt from Tatooine and Vogga the Hutt From Nar Shaddaa. Vogga Knew Ubel as a Twi’lek male by the name of Nawara and Buddha knew him as Thulls Habat a Ithorian. The only contact he keep from Eison was a Cathar male named Nodon Tumm this was the guy Ubel went to when he need fake IDs made it was also the way Ubel was able to keep his aliases in order. Ubel had also worked for the Senator Tav Benson. Benson knew Ubel as a Female Quarren named Cherry Gola. Benson hired Ubel to bring a shipment to Nar Shaddaa for 40000 Credits and said he would get half now and the rest after the job was done. When Ubel asked what the shipment was Benson said it was just some cargo he wanted to get off world and that Ubel was to use one of the Senator’s private ships so that he could pass the checkpoint with out getting scanned. Ubel took the job and when he was near triton he droped out of hyper space and went to see what cargo he was transporting he went to the cargo hold to findthat he was not transporting things he was transporting 20000 slaves. Ubel was pissed and landed on Triton to set the slaves free he then gave them some money to get off world then left for Nar Shaddaa. When he got to Nar Shaddaa he met up with Mig (who had piloted Ubel’s ship to Nar Shaddaa) and Sold Tav Besons ship for the rest of the payment. He Then told Tav Benson what he had done and that he would take revenge on the senator for making him transport slaves. Tav Benson then put a bounty on Cherry Gola. When Ubel found out about the bounty he thought it was the funnist thing he had ever heard it got even better when he found out the price on Cherry Gola’s head was 900,000,000 credits. The bounty was called off after 3 years of looking for Cherry Gola.
One day on a trip for Sato, Ubel was bored by the sith and was able to fight some of them off until he meet a Dark Jedi named Tod Tours (human) he put up a good fight but was no mach for the Jedi. However Jedi felt how strong the force was in Ubel and offered to take him to Korriban were he could learn the power of the dark side. Ubel said no at first for he saw what the Jedi do and the Dark Jedi use the force to look deep into his mind and learn what hapeen when Ubel was 6 he then told him that if Ubel was to learn the ways of the Sith he could one day take his revenge on Jedi Master Drax Hetfarn. This was an offer to good to pass up so Ubel went with the Sith to Korriban to start his training. He has been with the sith for 5 years.

His long-Term destiny is to
His First Short-Term destiny is to recover S4-E6 (Mig)
His Second Short-Term destiny is to kill Jedi Master Drax Hetfarn.
His Third Short-Term destiny is to kill Tav Benson.
His foruth short-term destiny is to build a sith fighter

Ubel Ombra

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