Dark Blade

A sith Weapon of great power

weapon (melee)

The Dark Blade is a as old as The first Dark Jedi it has seen many battles. But it has always gone for master to apprentice and has only gotten stronger over the years. The last know person to take this weapon was a Twi’lek Dark Jedi named Adon ’ar Gella. It has been said that Adon’s student has taken it for his own but the last report on Nawrunn was he had been captured and lost this Ancient Sword. Where the Dark Blade is now know one knows. But hopfuly it will stay lost and never be found.
- Master Drax Hetfarn


The Dark Blade is not as old or as powerful as the legend says it to be it was formed by a True Sith during the great hyperspace war it was lost for some time after the war but soon reclaimed by a Dark Jedi who spered the legend of his “Great Sith Weapon” the blade will corrupt any one who use it unless they master the dark side only a pure blood sith can unlock the true power of this blade. but with the Sith gone the blade will corrupt anyone who uses it until they are driven mad. The Sword now belongs to Tumot who plans to only use it kill his Jedi master and Sith master.

Dark Blade

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