Allahu Akbar

The Party choose to go and see Dr. V and they bought those guys back after returning to Olo’s side of the moon the party choose to go after Olo but how? Bant choose to rig up a speeder with 10 thermal detonators and crush it into Olo’s side wall while Tumot’s Drained Knowledge form Navira and would led a Team to Attack the front of the building how ever they still need away to get the speeder to Olo’s wall and blow it up. At this point Jakys’ daughter was asked by Bant if she would drive the speeder into the wall killing herself. She said yes and Bant told her that she would have to yell the Mon Calamari battle cry “Allahu Akbar” right before she killed herself. Tumot also told her she would get 40 virgins for this. (he “forgot” to tell her they were 40 Hutt virgins) So as the teams set out the war was about to begin.
They got to Olo’s house Tumot leading “Gold Team” walked up to the Guards at the entrance and said he was to meet with Olo. When the Guard said Olo had no meetings to day Tumot lifted him into the air. The guard then ask what Tumot was doing? Tumot replied by flipping him off. He threw Guard One into Guard Two killing them. Tumot then ordered the wookiees to take place by the door and he told Kmart to shoot the Cameras so they could draw out the guards As thye guards ran out Tumot yelled “For Golan the Hutt!”. Once The fighting started Bant had Jakys’ daughter hit the gas and ram into the building. She hit the gas and went to hit the wall right before the huge explosion Bant, Dyrid, Severien, and the rest of “Red Team” all heard “ALLAHU AKBAR!” when the smoke cleared all that was left was a huge hole. Red Team then moved in to hit Olo but Guards ran out to see what happen but all they got to see was Severien throw two more thermal detonators and they blew up.
Back at the front Gold Team had kill one gurad and told the rest if they wanted to live they should run now. They ran and Tumot entered to see Olo’s chambers filled with allot of bounty hunters and a very fat Hutt.

1s, Sith, and Olo

The party left Coruscant in the middle of a grand scheme to fool Valek’s puppet into revealing himself, deciding instead to fly to Nar Shaddaa to exterminate the pest Olo the Hutt. They decided the best course of action was to destroy his palace from the ground up and headed to the nearest conveniently located arms dealer to buy some explosives. Suddenly a wild bounty hunter appeared! Dyrid retreated to the ship, while the others stood and fought. Kahless and Navira were alerted where the fight was occurring and arrived in the nick of time. Bant held him in a whirlwind while the rest of the party found his armor nearly impenetrable. When the bounty hunter was nearly beaten, he sent a distress signal to another of the trade, who swiftly came to aid him. The battle turned explosive once the first bounty hunter was dead. The second took cover on a residential balcony and HK blasted the floor right out from under him. The bounty hunter leapt into the air with the aid of his jet pack. With a carefully aimed shot, Navira hit the pack and it erupted, sending the bounty hunter to his death, impaled on a traffic pole. The bodies were mutilated and looted, and the party returned to the shop and bought the munitions they required.

They returned to the ship to recover and regroup. Jakys, along with Bant and Severien, set off to find a buyer for the Firebrand. They were able to sell it for a good price, and even agreed to allow the buyer to pay in installments. Meanwhile Tumot asked a local man where he could buy slaves, not realizing that Navira was standing within earshot. Tumot told her he planned on buying and freeing a slave to have as an apprentice. Navira demanded that all of the slaves in the compound were to be freed and insisted on accompanying Tumot there. Kahless also tagged along to make sure Navira didn’t get herself in any trouble, and to make sure Tumot kept his word.

They set off on foot and two hours later they arrived at the compound. The guards asked that they leave their weapons at the door, and one took a particular interest in the Dark Blade, but nothing came of it. Kahless convinced the proprietor that they were buying slaves for Olo and that any purchases were to be put on his tab. They took the whole lot, including the in-house band. They commed Severien to come and help bring the slaves back to the ship, but decided instead to take the offered armed escort, and then neglected to tell Severien there was a change in plans.

Once they arrived at the ship and the guards were gone, they informed the slaves that they were not going to become Olo’s new plaything and in fact were free. They were going to be brought to Coruscant and allowed to start their new lives.

Among the slaves were three force sensitives: A human youngling, a Devaronian youngling, and a female human teenager. Bant offered to teach the human boy the way of the Sith and he agreed. Tumot took on the Devaronian to learn to be a grey Jedi. Jakys, feeling both fatherly and in need of protection, adopted the female human as his daughter, who he would teach how to be a smuggler.

The party then went to sleep. The next day Kahless, Jakys, and Navira slipped into one of those comas the party keeps getting so Tumot walked over to Bants room and asked if they should ask some of the slaves if they would like a job(s) Bant then said “I have a plan” and told HK and his apprentice to follow him into the cargo hold and asked the wookiees if they would like a job they said yes. Bant them told them that to prove there loyalty they must kill the Aqualish slave. they agreed. They went outside and Bant told the Aqualish to follow him and he did Tumot also went out along with The 2 kids and HK. When the Aqualish saw the the wookiees had knifes and were attacking he asked what was going on? Tumot replied with “this is a test if you live you will join our ranks.” The dumb ass believed him. The fighed end with the Aqualish dead and Severien putting a Grenade in the Aqualish’s pocket. after that they asked if the other slaves had any skills they choose to hire 3 more the Bith as an engineer, The Black Human as a Doctor (her name is now Doctor Chakwas) and some other race as Severien right hand man (we put Severien in charge of Security so we call the right hand man K mart.) after that Tumot called his friend in Czerka so they could get Modifed Bowcasters for the wookiees after the call Bant and HK Dragged the Gamorrean out side and used him for target practice killing him with one shot. The party then went to the Czerka building they went inside and Tumot saw a sith soldier he was the only one who knew the armor. He told the dorid at the desk he had an appointment with czerka the dorid rang him in. Tumot then though it would be fun to start some trouble with this sith and stared saying shit like (I never said this it just to give you an Idea) Phil It me Joe rember we worked on the ship for the time and the sith was like WTF and Severien came over abd stared trowing a Grenade up and down casing the Sith to draw his weapon tumot told everone (but bant who would just watch what was about to come) stand down they did and when the sith put his wepon away Tumot hit him with Force Lighting still say shit like Do not disobey or Commanding Officer they fought (all but bant) and Severien threw 2 grenades kill the sith. the Czerka Corp guy came out and said it would cost 4000 Credits to repair this Tumot gave the guy 2000 and the 2000 the sith was had on him they got the bowcasters and left.

Ok so here is what happen Tumot’s girl friend walked out of Tumot room and was called a slut by Jakys and then he put a gun to her head think Tumot told her the plan to kill people she walk out but before that Severien put a grenade in her pocket. (which was wired because she had no close on)She then went out shopping and was blown the fuck up. Then Tumot,Jackys and Navira went to give the cargo to the senate building while Severien, Bant and Dyrid went to the Jedi temple were they would have to wait 5 hours to meet Bant’s old master. So after Tumot, Jackys and Navira dumped the food off at the senate building they split ways Tumot went to meet with the contact wile Jackys and Navira went to Czerka to get some money. then some more shit happen and then more shit then Kahless woke up and he did some shit to when they all came up with a plan to kill the supreme chancellor.
Ok someone plz rewrite this I came up with a bad verison of what happne and worte this a 1:24 am so just rewrite it

We Violated the Law!....again

After leaving Iridonia, Bant, Tumot, and Dyrid chose to go to Coruscant and complete the mission Lord Valek assigned them. (That is, to kill the supreme chancellor.) Knowing they would need a reason to dock on Coruscant, Bant suggested that the party should stop on (name of planet here) to stock up foodstuffs – allowing them to appear as merchants looking to off-load their goods. Dyrid and Tumot agreed. On top of obtaining foodstuffs, the party sought to sell the jewelry they had purchased on Iridonia. Dyrid took control of the ship, and after a jump into hyperspace, they landed on (whatever that plant was called).

During the search for a suitable customer, Tumot revealed why he had been chosen to go with the party to kill the chancellor. Darth Valek had promised him that, if he was to complete the mission, Tumot would be given control of a fleet of ships to attack Dantooine in hopes of either finding Drax Hetfarn or acquiring information on his whereabouts.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at unloading their jewelry, the party came across a cantina upon receiving a tip that there may be some traders there. Walking into the bar, Tumot saw dancing Twi’leks and immediately hooked his path in their direction. Tracing Tumot’s path, Dyrid observed the dancers and shouted, “This place has a lot of whores!” in disgust, though the volume of the vaguely-familiar music drained out his exclamation. Observing the rest of his surroundings, he spotted an Aqualish bartender, saying, “This place really has no taste what-so-ever.” to himself. Making the same observation, Bant then ordered HK to come to the cantina.

Tumot, using his ever-so-charismatic “Give Money” skill, paid one of the dancers 1,000 credits to spend some “time” together in the backroom, disappearing from the scene for some time. After some harassment from the bouncer, remedied by a mind trick from Bant, HK made his way to his master, noticed the Aqualish bartender, and said, “Statement: Master, I like cantinas.”

Bant made a direct approach to the bartender, asking the bartender if he knew where they would be able to sell some of their jewelry. In response, the bartender said, “I happen to buy and sell jewelry as a second job.” (As most any self-respecting cantina bartender would.) So as to not have their jewelry stolen in the chaos of the crowd, they decided it would be best to take matters into the back room.

After stepping through a door and down a staircase, Bant was unpleasantly reunited (Well, more unpleasantly than usual) with Tumot, who was apparently making his 1,000 credits worthwhile with the Twi’lek. Disgusted, Bant used Move Object to tear the two apart. Annoyed, Tumot left, taking the dancer back to the ship. Ignoring what would normally scar anyone’s eyes, the bartender then took a look at the jewelry. During this, he engaged in small-talk with Bant, expressing grief for the tragic loss of his uncle. After a few questions about the appearance of the bartender’s uncle and what had happened to him, Bant determined that the relative was undoubtedly one of the many Aqualish which had been slain by his own hands. Continuing on with business, the client found himself pleased with the quality and stated that he would be interested in purchasing two kilograms worth of it in exchange for 10,000 credits. Completing the transaction, Bant then drew his lightsaber on the bartender.

The bartender was as dumbfounded as an Alzheimer’s patient in a busy mall until Bant said, “Your uncle screamed when I killed him!” Out of defense, the Aqualish drew his blaster pistol and the two began attacking each other.

Interrupting the card game which Dyrid was engaged in, (The Sith Guy) stated that he felt something wasn’t right, and that they should investigate. Following (The Sith Guy’s) advice, they two made their way into the back room. Dyrid eagerly joined the battle, drawing his pistol, while (The Sith Guy) refused to attack on the grounds that the bartender had done nothing wrong.

Noticing that the Aqualish was absent for a rather long time, the two Gamorrean bouncers went to make sure nothing was wrong. They entered the back room, now coming up behind Dyrid and (The Sith Guy). An embarrassing display of marksmanship proceeded as the blaster pistol-wielders managed to miss excessively in point-blank range. Eventually, one of these misses proved to be deadly. As the bartender took a shot at Dyrid and missed, the round made its way towards the manhood of one of the Gamorrean bouncers standing in the back – putting him down on the ground in agony. Bant then made a successful swing with his lightsaber at the Aqualish’s arm, severing most of it.

Shortly afterward, Tumot had returned to the cantina to regroup with the party. Entering the back room, he noticed that a fight had broken out. Thus, he also joined in the battle, now coming up behind the two Gamorreans. He then decided to use the force to lift up the still-standing bouncer and threw him into the critically-injured one. While the former was now severely wounded, the latter was finished off.

Taking yet another shot, the bartender fired a round at (The Sith Guy). Now letting go of the morals that prevented him from fighting earlier, he entered a state of rage, attacking the Aqualish. Bant, taking another swing of his lightsaber, managed to cut the remainder of the bartender’s arm off, up to the shoulder. After a few misses, (The Sith Guy) proceeded to unleash his rage on the assailant, finishing him and attacking him even after his life had ended. To end the battle, HK walked up to the barely-living Gamorrean, ending his life with a stab of his arm.

With the bartender and the two bouncers dead, the party went back up to the bar. Apparently, nobody had even noticed what had just happened. Bant decided to serve as the bartender shortly, handing out free drinks and then cleaning out all of the credits from the register. Tumot also jumped behind the bar, taking note of 3 bottles of rancor blood. He took 2 bottles for himself and served the remaining bottle to the bar patrons.

Once again looking for another suitable customer and also a supplier of foodstuffs, Tumot, Bant and Dyrid made their way to the more wealthy section of the city. They eventually made a stop at a Czerka Corporation office. The party felt that they may be able to strike a deal with the company. Upon first stepping in, they were greeted by a droid that informed them that they would need an appointment if they had any matters regarding business, but a Czerka Corp. representative made an appearance shortly afterward, telling the adventurers not to mind the droid. The party stated what they had to offer and what they would like in exchange for it.

After some slightly rocky negotiations, the Czerka employee agreed that, in exchange for the 20Kg of jewelry, she would offer 50,000 credits as well as 30 military-issue blaster rifles – all equivalent to a total of 100,000 credits. Concluding that the rifles would be useful in aiding the Iridonian resistance movement, the party agreed to this. Killing two birds with one stone, Tumot decided to see if Czerka Corp had any foodstuff they’d be willing to offload. Charmed by Tumot’s charisma, she agreed rather quickly, arranging plans for the party to deliver Czerka Corp.’s goods as freelancers. Shortly after this, the party and the representative parted ways.

Tumot, Bant and Dyrid decided to check out the nearby Czerka Corp. farm. Here, they hoped to purchase additional foodstuffs that they could sell for their own personal profit when they landed on Coruscant. After a brief transaction, they purchased (Enter Amount Here) more kilograms of foodstuffs. They then returned to their ship.

Before continuing their course for Coruscant, they party inspected their cargo hold. Fortunately, the goods from both the representative and the farm had been delivered to the ship without any trouble. They then readied themselves as Dyrid took control of the ships controls once again. They made the jump to light speed.

However, when the ship slowed down, there was a problem. Looking out the windows, the party realized that they weren’t at Coruscant. Instead, they were in deep space and on the edge of an asteroid field. Understanding that there was no real alternative, Dyrid proposed that they take the risk of engaging the hyperdrive again in hopes that they would end up at their destination this time around. Bant agreed, and the ship sped up to faster-than-light speeds once again.

Luckily, their second attempt was successful, properly arriving at Coruscant. After being contacted by a member of the Rebublic, Dyrid was questioned about his reason for coming to the planet. He had explained that they were freelance traders looking to offload food products for Czerka Corp. After confirming this, the Republic member gave the party clearance to dock.

Phoenix Rising

In order to carry out their plan, the party needed to be able to get to Taris in order to find the hyperspace beacon at which the Phoenix was attacked. Tumot said that he knew of two planets that would have beacons leading to Taris: Xantooine, the planet of xtreme allergies, and Triton, the planet of beaurocratic Gactimus’s Witnesses. Realizing that neither of these planets would be ideal for equipping themselves to raid the Phoenix wreckage, the team made their way back to Nar Shaddaa, landing on the other side of the moon from where Olo held sway. After bribing the dockmaster for some information, the party split up: Navira and Jakys headed out to look for environment suits and droid parts while Bant and Tumot brought Jim and Marek to a cantina to, unbeknownst to them and Navira, sell them into slavery.

Jakys and Navira found a Rodian who was willing to direct them to a shop that sold droid parts at fair prices with only a little monetary prompting. When they arrived, Jakys asked if they also sold environment suits. When the shopkeeper went into the back room to check, Navira quickly shoved the contents of a toolkit into her bag. As it turned out, the shopkeeper did have environment suits, and was willing to sell three of them to the pair for 21,000 credits. Jakys didn’t have nearly enough money for this, so he drained Umbral and Dyrid’s credchips and offered 13,000 for two of them, which the shopkeeper accepted.

The shopkeeper then let slip that he was the cousin of the Aqualish that Bant had killed in the cantina the first time they were on Nar Shaddaa. Knowing how Bant could get, Jakys advised that the shopkeeper reinforce his security. In exchange for this free advice, the shopkeeper sold them a droid neck for a discounted price of 500 credits, after which Jakys and Navira made their way back to the ship to repair HK.

Meanwhile, Bant and Tumot discovered that the bartender at the cantina was actually a slaver using his bartending job to collect people as slaves when they passed out drunk. The bartender, a Mon Cal, was overjoyed to meet Bant, and agreed to buy Jim and Marek if Bant would help him capture an Aqualish sitting at the bar. Bant agreed, and as soon as Jim and Marek were sloshed, he got to work on the Aqualish, listening to his sob story about his brother who had been killed in a cantina brawl. He bought the creature a Wookiee Wango, hoping to knock him out, but the Aqualish’s CON score was apparently through the roof, so he had to resort to Mind Tricking him into following everybody to the Mon Cal’s slave HQ.

At this point the twosome was joined by Kahless. Between the three of them, they defused the situation when the Aqualish realized what was happening. Noticing that the Mon Cal was augmenting the slaves with experimental bionic implants, Tumot attempted to recruit him for Darth Valek’s cause, but to no avail. After a tense argument in Sith between Tumot and Kahless, Tumot was talked out of killing him on the spot and into exchanging contact information should the Mon Cal ever change his mind.

Back on the ship, Jakys, who had heard part of the argument, confronted Tumot and demanded that he start working as a team player. As Tumot Force Choked him, the rest of the team threatened to kill Tumot if he didn’t back down. Sullenly, Tumot freed Jakys and retired to his new quarters to call his master and report. The Dark Lord, under the impression that the confrontation had been a mutiny, told Tumot to nip it in the bud. As a way of making reparations, Tumot, who was a captain in the Valekite miltary, granted Jakys the rank of Commander and Kahless the rank of Lieutenant Conmmander.

With this, the team set off to finally execute their plan.


After having the Firebrand repaired overnight, our crew set off into the city to find the necessary parts to repair HK’s severed hand and install his holoprojector and arm launcher. By listening to idle conversations in the crowded street, the group found a Wookiee who was willing to bring the to the shop owned by his cousin, who sold droids and droid parts at fair prices.

When the party arrived, Nawrunn immediately began looking at the available droids, hoping to pick up a cheap astromech. Meanwhile, Bant and Jakys negotiated with the Wookiee shop owner to get the parts they needed for the low price of 1700 credits. Everybody left except Nawrunn, who stayed behind to negotiate for the astromech droid they had for sale.

The group, now consisting of Bant, Jakys, HK, Jim, and Marek, headed for a cantina to wait for Nawrunn. There they met Kahless Narada, Navira Gallus, and Umbral, who had fought with the in the arena on Gamorr. After a little discussion, they all agreed that it would be a good idea to join forces.

Unbeknownst to the party, Nawrunn, offended by the shopkeep’s refusal of his offer of 2000 credits for the droid, murdered the Wookiee and his cousin in cold blood, stealing the droid and all of the money in the shop. He told Jakys what he’d done over the comm and Jakys rushed everybody else back to the Firebrand.

When Nawrunn got to the ship, he was confronted by the rest of his shipmates, who attempted to stun him. After a few shots were exchanged, Nawrunn surrendered and submitted to a temporary imprisonment in his room. After the ship was on its way to the uncharted planet Bant had told Jakys about, Jakys, Bant, and Kahless plotted to have Kahless replace Nawrunn in the powerful force-user’s plans. However, Jakys’s attempt to talk Nawrunn into handing over the lightsaber in his possession ended in a tense standoff between the two, and Navira’s attempt to steal it failed, leaving Nawrunn enraged. In the morning, after repairing HK and setting up his new toys, Jakys spoke to Nawrunn and convinced him to be more submissive in the future.

After this, HK revealed that he could repair the broken astromech droid, programming it to consider Jakys its master. It gave its designation as A501 and was immediately set to work as the ship’s engineer.

About a day later, the party arrived at the planet. Immediately upon landing, all of the Force-users were wracked with a massive headache. Making their way into a cave as the headaches intensified, the party encountered a renegade Sith Lord who had once worked with Exar Kun. Enraged that Bant and Nawrunn had brought extra people, the Sith Lord punished them by throttling them all into unconsciousness and disabling HK. Navira and Jakys, who had waited outside the chamber, escaped his ire and fled the cave, preparing to escape in the ship. The Sith Lord revealed that the Firebrand and HK had once belonged to him, and told Bant and Nawrunn that they must go to a specific cave on the planet, and there they would face trials that would prepare them for apprenticeship under him…

Firefight Part Two
After the party traveled to the cave in the Firebrand, Nawrunn, Bant, and Kahless entered while everybody else stayed behind. Inside, the trio found a Sith adept who implied that the Sith Lord had sent them as part of his training. While Navira cleaned Jakys out in sabacc, the three men in the cave fought a brief but intense battle with the Sith adept, killing him skillfully. Bant claimed his lightsaber and robe as trophies before letting those in the ship know it was safe to enter if they wished. Jakys and Navira made their way in while Dyrid, Jim, Marek, and A501 stayed on the ship.

The party explored some side caverns together and found some lockers full of grenades and other supplies. Eventually they attempted to make their way deeper into the cave, but found their way blocked by tons of fallen rocks, diverting them into a side room containing several computers and a locked door. Jakys attempted to hack into the door with one of the computers, but accidentally triggered a Sith training program set to level 1, closing and locking the exit door behind them and cutting off Nawrunn, who was serving as a rear guard.

Immediately several storm beasts were brought into the room through trapdoors. Fortunately, these storm beasts couldn’t aim worth a damn and were easily cut down by the party, causing the door behind them to open and letting Nawrunn in. Jakys, hoping to prevent that from happening again, tried to hack a different computer to disable the training program and let them through. In a critical miscalculation, though, he activated the training program again, set to level 10. He immediately attempted to disable the training program by shooting the computer, but that only destroyed the one computer, and the program continued onward, bringing two storm beasts and a fucking rancor into the room.

While the storm beasts continued to be useless, the team quickly got to work taking down the rancor. While Navira shot at the eyes to blind it, Kahless used the Force to grab its heart, hurting and paralyzing it. Nawrun bombarded the poor thing with blast after blast of Force lightning and Bant chopped at it with his lightsaber. Jakys, feeling pretty useless, finally came up with a cunning plan and dashed underneath the rancor, planting one of the frag grenades that he’d found right below it, and dashed back out. It was finally taken down when Kahless finally crushed its heart (although Bant and Jakys maintained that it was Bant who landed the killing blow), leaving the party free to take care of the two harmless storm beasts.

After they’d defeated all of the enemies, both doors unlocked, and the party peered through the door onward, seeing a sign that said, in large-point comic sans: “TO BE CONTINUED

Firefight Part Three
Moving on in the cavern, the party (Bant, Kahless Narada, Jakys Kre’arr, Navira Gallus, and Nawrunn) healed at a save point conveniently placed bacta tank just beyond the “to be continued” sign. In the chamber beyond that, they found a Sith altar. The woman who had appeared in Nawrunn and Bant’s dreams materialized behind the altar and told the party that they had performed well, but had one last task to perform. She vanished as dozens of Force energy beings appeared from the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Navira, on Jakys’s advice, immediately shot the altar, trying to drive them away, but that just made them angry, converging on her. However, the group discovered that the creatures were incorporeal, and moved through them to examine the altar. After a series of tests, they concluded that the altar probably was not used for sacrifices.

The energy beings suddenly solidified and surrounded the group again. After futilely trying to take down the beasts with their old tactics, the group received a brief visitation from the woman again, who implied that nothing less than total surrender to the Dark Side of the Force would conquer them.

At this, Nawrunn gave himself over to the grief that had been troubling him since the murder of his Master and his wife. Raising his vibroblade, he cut powerfully through the creature near him, imbuing the weapon with its dark side energy — the Dark Blade reborn. Totally surrendered to the Dark Side, Nawrunn destroyed most of the energy beings singlehandedly before threateningly taking his leave of the party.

The woman reappeared, congratulating the party on passing the third test. She told them to go to the Sith Lord who had sent them to receive their reward. When the foursome arrived, they were told that the Sith’s name was Darth Valek and offered positions in his empire, which they accepted. Bant and Kahless were given the antique lightsabers from Gamorr and bestowed the titles Darth Fangen and Darth Drakus, while Jakys and Navira were given enhanced blasters with the emblem of Lord Valek on them. Valek also gave the four their first mission: Go to Coruscant and stealthily assassinate the Chancellor with poisons that Valek would provide. To this end, he introduced the team to Darth Valinus, also known as Tumot, one of his highest-ranking apprentices, who would help them on the mission.

As the team left the planet, Navira, Kahless, and Jakys began to devise a plan. First stop: the wreckage of the Phoenix…

Act III - Jump To Light Speed

As the group scouted out the rest of the ship, Jakys Kre’arr ran a full diagnostic on the ships main computers. With this search he uncovered some new information. He discovered that the ship was emitting a Republic Transponder Code which listed the ship as the Celestial, a decommissioned mining vessel. The Star Charts hadn’t been updated in months and contained a single hyperspace rout which lead to the Nar Shaddaa System in Hutt space. On the other side of the ship Bant was tinkering with Hk-17 and found out that hk is capable of piloting the ship from his remote position in the charging cell. The group, now tired from there previous escape from the Viron Cartel order hk to take the ship up into orbit. As they arose into the upper atmosphere they could see the camp that they had broken out from only hours earlier.

Even though the skies were pitch black they could see that the camp was now illuminated and they noticed movement on the grounds around it. They assumed that the cartel had found out about there escape. Once in orbit they gave full control of the ship to Hk and ordered him to take the ship into hyperspace. Hk calculated that at there current range and trajectory it would take them approximately 10 Standard Hours to reach Nar Shaddaa. Bant, Jakys Kre’arr, Nawrunn, and Dyrid Darai now very tired from there nightly escape discussed who should get to sleep first and who should stay up and patrol. Eventualy the group came to the decision of letting Hk stay up to pilot the ship while all the meatbags got some rest. Bant ordered Hk to wake them after 8 hours. (During the night Bant and Nawrunn had a prophetic dream. A female voice called out to them and told them that she had felt there power over a vast distance and that they had something that belonged to her, they both tried to lock on to her force energy but it was too clouded and far away. She told them that she would continue to contact them in dreams and told them that she will give them coordinates to a mysterious system that does not exist on any star charts. There she said, she will be waiting for there arrival.) When the 8 hours were up Hk communicated with them through the ships comm and told them all to wake up.

With 2 hours to spare until arrival at Nar Shaddaa, Jakys Kre’arr tries to make a make-shift disguise for the two republic soldiers that they had helped escape from the cartel compound; Jim and Marik. He asks them to get rid of there Republic insignias and alters the look of there clothing a little bit. Finally the hyper-tunnel begins to close up and the ship arrives in orbit around the smugglers moon. They ask Hk to bring the Celestial in. Upon breaking the atmoshphere they are contacted by a Quarren from the Nar Shaddaa Space port. He asks them some basic questions about the nature of there visit and why there ship is broadcasting Republic transponder codes. Jakys Kre’arr says that the ship is malfunctioning and the Quarren believes him. Upon landing at the star port the quarren meets them there with armed guards and they begin to search there ship. They find nothing of interest and the crew is cleared for entrance into Nar Shaddaa. The two republic troops then exit the ship along with the slave that Nawrunn had obtained back on Gamorr. The Quarren does not recognize them as republic soldiers and they continue by him. The Quarren then asks if they carry any identification and Bant swiftly responds with “You Don’t need to see our identification”. The Quarren agrees with bant and they exit the spaceport in search of a weapons dealer, and to make good on rumors of a Rodian who can change there transponder codes; For a price. They buy a land speeder from a merchant for 50 credits after haggling him down from 100, and then make there way into the urban sprawl. There they meet a Cathar who sells them fake identification cards. They then make there way into a merchants parts shop where there are droid parts and all kinds of goods to be had. They purchase 6 commlinks and 10 medpacks from the merchant and then make there way to follow the rumors and find the Rodian. He agrees to change there transponder codes for 2000 credits, but after haggling he agrees to 1100 credits and the human slave that nawrunn had obtained.

Jakys Kre’arr hits the human on the head with the bottom of his blaster pistol causing him to pass out, and then hands him over to the Rodian. Nawrunn accompanies the Rodian back to the Celestial to oversee his work. The group then decides to try to relax and heads to the Cantina for a couple of drinks. Upon arriving at the cantina they can hear the Bith musicians playing and the bustling of the crowds. They enter the cantina and make there way past several Pazaak tables and take a seat at the bar. The bartender notices Hk and tells Bank that his droid is not welcome here. Bant then says to the bartender “This droid is welcome here” and the bartender agrees. Bant even manages to get him and Jakys both free drinks from the bartender. Suddenly an Aqualish taps Bant on the shoulder and his Rodian friend translates for him: “He doesn’t like droids”. Hk responds by saying “Statement: Are those your final words Meatbag?!” and with that a brawl erupts. The Aqualish knocks over Bant and Jakys drinks and begins to reach for his blaster as the bartender ducks behind the table……. (To be continued next session)

ACT III CONTINUED: The group fights tactically using the bar as cover and shots ring out all across the cantina. Jakys calls out for them to aim for the head. They score a couple of good hits and then Bant finishes the battle by using the force to lift the aqualish and slams him into the rodian, knocking them both against the wall at incredible speeds. The impact causes there heads to crack against the solid walls of the cantina and the battle is over. The group collects the enemies clothes in hopes of giving them to the crew back at the Celestial to be used as disguises. They then notice that in spite of the battle there are still two people sitting casualy at a table like nothing happened. Bant walks over to them and asks them who they are, after a discussion the group earns there trust and they reveal to them that they (A Bothan and Duros male) are black market dealers. The group asks them if they can take a look at there weapons and the Bothan agrees. The dealers motion for the group to follow and they lead them back to there apartment complex where they sell Bant, Jakys, Nawruun, and Dyrid weapons. The group asks if they have anything else for sale, perhaps more exotic things like droid parts/heavy weapons.

The Duros says that they do at there organizations base location in the city and after another discussion they agree to take the party there. After dodging crowded city blocks filled with civilians Dyrid gets them there safely and they exit there speeder leaving Hk-17 to guard it. The Bothan and Duros motion for the group to follow them to the buildings entrance which is locked with a high security blast door which requires a password to open. They open the door and the Bothan tells them to “Stay behind us and don’t make any sudden moves, I don’t want you guys to attract to much attention”. unnerved by this the group hesitantly follows them inside and through another secured door. Once past this second door they walk into a large hall where they see a hutt laying down, and beside him armed guards. The bothan and Duro approach the hutt and introduce the party by telling the hutt that they wish to buy from him. The hutt agrees and introduces himself as Olo the Hutt. Nawruun comments on his slave and begins to fall out of the Hutts good graces but Bant and Dyrid quickly jump into quell the situation. Olo has the items they seek however the group doesn’t have the money that he is asking in return for them and so Bant asks if the Great Hutt could perhaps have them do a service for him in return for the items instead of paying him in credits. He agrees to this and tells them that a client of his known as Don Solo owes him 100,000 credits and has failed to pay him a single credit back. He gives the group the coordinates of Don’s home on Nar Shaddaa and sends them on there way, warning them that his offer of exchanging a service for the items instead of credits was generous and that they best not disgrace him by failing his task. With that the group makes it back onto there speeder and on there way to the coordinates. They arrive about half hour later in front of the complex that Don Solo resides and exit the speeder with Hk this time. Before they can even make it to the entrance they hear a sound coming from the air above them and look up to notice a rodian with a jet pack headed right for them. He lands right in between the group and the door, hits a switch on his rifle and aims at the group. “My master has sent me to find you after the trouble you caused on Gamorr. He wishes you taken alive, however if you will not come willingly I am authorized to use lethal force.” The Rodian says to the group before him.

Act II - Breaking Out

As Bant, Jakys Kre’arr, Nawrunn, Kahless Narada, Umbral, and Navira Gallus emerge from the arena victorious; Reenar Nalsten congratulates them on there outstanding performance on his behaf. He allows the tired and wounded of the group to leave in a speeder accompanied by his guards which takes them back to the pirate compound where they may rest and heal until the next battle. This leaves Nawrunn, Jakys Kre’arr, and Bant. Nawrunn talks to Nalsten and asks him if there is anyway that they can earn there freedom, Nalsten quickly shuts him down. However through further talks with Jakys Kre’arr he is convinced that it would be beneficial if his prized warriors were happy rather then upset about the situation and he agrees to a deal. If the fighters continue to fight without question in the arena and win all of the matches including defeating the arena championship team that they will have earned there freedom. Having time to think about this the players are asked to board a speeder with Nalsten which will bring them back to the pirate compound so that they can also rest for the night until the next match. When they arrive at the compound Nalsten brings them to a bigger building then all of the rest, it seems to be the biggest building of the whole compound. They enter and head up a flight of stairs where they notice two Bacta Tanks. Nalsten shows them where they will be staying for the night. The room is located adjacent to the bacta tanks at the top of the hallway. Once the players enter Nalsten locks all of the blast doors behind him as he exits the building. In the room they meet a Duros Scoundrel named Dyrid Darai. Five minutes pass and the group begins to try to break out. Bant uses his force powers to unlock the door and they make there way out. They decide to use the bacta tanks that are in the hallway to heal there wounds after an unsuccessful attempt by Bant to heal Nawrunn. Bant and Nawrunn enter the bacta tanks while the other two scout for weapons. Dyrid Darai and Jakys Kre’arr find a handful of Plasma Torches and some materials in which they fashion daggers out of. With these new weapons they are able to break through the doors across the hall and free two other slaves. Nawrunn and Bant emerge from the bacta fully healed after an hour of rest. The group along with the two freed slaves make there way through the locked blast door with the code that Nawrunn was able to remember from when Nalsten entered it the first time. They make there way down the stairs and with Bant’s amazing ability to sense traps, notice that there are motion sensors spanning the first floor. The sensors originate from the computer terminal at the front entrance and spans to guard the core of the room and most of the doors.

At first glance Bant thought that perhaps they could all just crouch under the sensors but then at closer examination he noticed that they cover the distance underneath them as well. Bant comes to the conclusion that if he searches his feelings and uses the force to lift Jakys into the air, he could lift him just high enough to reach the computer terminal. Jakys hacks into the computer and disables the motion sensors. Nawrunn mind tricks the two humans slaves in order to keep them quiet and to insure that they listen to orders, with a little help from Bant threatening the slaves with force lightning. They manage to find some additional weapons, including a pair of ancient lightsaber hilts and two republic prisoners who served aboard the phoenix. Jakys Kre’arr persuades the republic prisoners to join forces with them and break out. They decide to use the side exit rather then risk being detected by walking out the front. Nawrunn orders the female slave to open the door, but when she does she sets off a trap which triggers an explosion killing her, and destroying the room and any contents that were within it. She takes the full force of the blast working as a shield to the rest of the group. The party then heads out the open hallway and out through the back exit. They find a land speeder outside and Jakys hot-wires it and takes off.

They head north through the thick jungles of Gamorr and eventually come across a clearing deep in the jungle. Jakys stops the speeder and they see a ship docked in the middle of the clearing. Upon closer examination of the ship it appears to be battle damaged. Jakys Kre’arr miraculously uses a computer code matrix to unlock the tough security door outside of the ship and the crew climbs inside. Upon examination of the interior of the ship they notice that although battle damaged outside the ship is fully functional and the damage is minimal to the interior of the hull. Bant notices a compartment towards the right side of the ship and opens the blast doors. Inside he finds a battle damaged Hk droid that seems to be malfunctioning, however with some quick thinking he manages to draw power from the ship and forward it to the droid. The Hk unit powers up and begins ranting in binary while its system boots up. The droid has significant damage to its memory core and chassis which causes it to loose any information it might have contained in its memory banks. Once its rebooted the droid turns to Bant and says Statement: Hk-17 is ready to serve, master.

Act I - The Escape

While the Phoenix is in orbit of a Hyperspace Beacon they begin downloading the new astrogational charts that will allow them to make the jump to hyperspace safely, and reach Taris on time to complete their task of transporting the maximum security prisoners to their new facility. However the phoenix is unexpectedly attacked by a pirate organization; known as the Viron Cartel who were expecting to catch spacers off guard near the commonly traveled beacon. When the cartel realized that it was a republic transport that they had fired upon it was too late to turn back and their leader Reenar Nalsten regrettably orders them to continue the raid and eventually disable the ships main generator which in turn takes down all of the ships major systems including their hyperdrive. With lifesupport systems running on backup the ship had 30 minutes of air left before decompression. Nalstens flagship the Archon docks with the Phoenix and an intense firefight ensues. The pirates push the republic guards all the way up to the front of their ship and forces one of the guards to open the doors to the brig, where Nalsten hopes he will find strong bodies that he can sell as slaves on the organizations base world of Gamorr. The prisoners are released and along with the guard and the captain of the Phoenix Drek Hyrian, are brought back to the Archon where they undock and leave the remaining wounded personnel to die. The Archon enters hyperspace and shortly lands on Gamorr. The prisoners are forced out of the ship where Nalsten and his advisor discuss the best and most profitable way to use the newly aquired slaves. They come to an agreement, selling off the weaker ones in the slave trade for a quick credit and entering the strongest ones in the arena where they are to fight to the death against other slaves. Amongst the strongest ones were Jakys Kre’arr, Kahless Narada, Navira Gallus, Nawrunn, Bant, and Umbral. Upon arriving at the arena Drek Hyrian suggests that aside from their disagreements the only way to survive is to work together and to have some sort of tactics for the fight before they go into the ring. They all agree that this is the best coarse of action for everyone and decide to listen to the Captains proposal. Entering the arena, the slaves, partly due to their criminal background do amazingly well in disposing of their combatants and during the heat of combat Nawrunn exacts his revenge on Drek Hyrian by catching him off guard and fusing all of his hatred, anger, and rage into a force lightning bolt that completely vaporizes the captain and surprises all of the combatants. The crowd is mesmorized by the brutality that the slaves have showed towards their opponents and emerge victorious from the first match, earning Nalsten 5000 Credits in bets that the crowd had placed on them.

Chapter 1: Negotiations

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Star Wars The Old Republic

It is the year 3997 B.B.Y. Exar Kun, a Jedi apprentice has defied his master and fallen to the dark side. The Great Sith War has begun. The war engulfs nearly the whole galaxy as the sith fight amongst themselves for dominance over the stars. Meanwhile somewhere out in the outer rim a group of exiles aboard a Republic prison transport, the Phoenix awaits transfer to a prison facility on Taris…


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